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Annual Ginza Holiday Festival

August 12-14, 2016


Ginza Holiday 2015 was a huge success thanks to our many visitors and volunteers! The Midwest Buddhist Temple looks forward to seeing you next year on August 12-14, 2016 when we will present our 61st Annual Ginza Holiday Festival.


Watch our video to experience the excitement of Ginza! 

© 2012 Tim Dagoberg, Music "Accustom" by Agatsuma


Some key attractions at each Ginza Holiday include:


The Waza represent a select group of over 100 artisans skilled in traditional crafts dating back to Japan's Edo Period, 300 years ago. These craftspersons are here to share a part of an old Japanese culture. They demonstrate their traditional handcrafted skills inherited over the generations. While the Waza travel throughout the world, Ginza Holiday is one of their few appearances in the U.S.Visit the Waza page for more information about these unique craftspersons. 


Stage Performances: Featured performances in the festival will include taiko drumming by Ho Etsu Taiko and the MBT Taiko group, Japanese Folk dance by the MBT Minyo Troupe, Classical dance by Fujima Ryu of Chicago, and Hawaiian music by the Na Kupuna Ukulele group. Self defense tactics will be demonstrated by Aikido and Judo schools, while Kendo (an ancient form of Japanese fencing) will excite the crowd. 

Visit our Photos of Ginza page to view slide shows of some our stage performances.


Cultural Exhibits: There will be beautiful exhibits of bonsai (miniature trees) and ikebana (traditional flower arranging) located in doors on the lower level of our Temple building. Other exhibits of crafts and artwork will be located outside in the main shopping and exhibit area of Ginza.


Food: In addition to the live performances, an abundance of traditional Japanese cuisine will be offered, including charcoal grilled chicken teriyaki dinner,  teriyaki grilled veggi-burger dinner, udon (Japanese cold noodles), sushi, SPAM® Musubi, edamame and grilled corn on the cob. For dessert try the kintoki (snow cone topped with sweet azuki beans) or our Hawaiian Shave Ice. Japanese beer and sake will also be available for purchase.


Our Temple: The Hondo (chapel) will be open for guests who are interested in learning about Buddhism. During stage intermissions, our minister will deliver brief talks about Shin Buddhism and answer any questions that visitors may have. 


Special Saturday Evening Jazz performance: Listening to Yoko Noge's 'Jazz Me Blues Band' guests will enjoy a fusion of Japanese folk music and contemporary "Chicago blues". Yoko will perform at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday evening. The admission fee to Ginza will be $12 starting at 7:00 PM on the night of the performance. For more information see our page highlighting Yoko Noge and her band.